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How long will it take to restore my credit?

All cases are different, therefore, time depends on case basis. You will begin seeing results within the first 30-45 days.


However, we will achieve the maximum results possible within 180 days or less. We recommend our clients’ cooperation if they want faster results.


Is it legal?

Although the credit bureaus would like to have you think otherwise, there is absolutely nothing illegal about disputing items on your credit report. In fact, it is your explicit right by law to do so (see Fair Credit Reporting Act). Credit report repair is as legal as pleading "not guilty" in a court of law.

How will I find out about my results?

You will receive all results first-hand by mail from the creditors and credit bureaus.


You then forward the originals on to us and we will let you know exactly what’s been removed, updated or needs extra work. We will notify you via email, in person or by phone.

Does paying off my bills repair my credit?

Many clients preferred to pay their own negative accounts but this might even hurt their credit report instead of helping them.  When you pay your debt, the negative credit listing doesn't disappear all the time.

There is little difference between a paid negative item on your credit report, or an unpaid one. In most cases, you won't get much further by paying the old debt. We can recommend you to allow us to represent you negotiate for you, but the most important part to negotiate the best results possible which include removing the negative account from your credit report.

How do you restore bad credit?

Once we have your credit reports, we dispute the credit reporting agencies, court house, and creditors or lenders on your behalf. Besides using all the regulations from FCRA




we also use a sophisticated software that facilitates and speeds up the process for your disputes. 

Any information the agencies or creditors cannot verify is removed.  Any dispute not responded to within the allowed response time is removed. If for some reason any negative account is not removed, we go to step two which would be to negotiate directly with the creditor, collection agency, lawyers, and any party involved with those particular accounts.

Many people will think this is an easy process, but many don’t pass beyond the first or second dispute. 


According to federal law, the credit agencies can ignore your dispute under a variety of conditions. A large percentage of dispute letters sent directly from consumers are rejected under one credit agency pretext or another.   This makes it  very time consuming and frustrating task.


After we dispute your negative credit, a new copy of your credit report will be sent to your address showing any deletions or improvements. When you receive your new copy you'll send us the updated  credit report, so we can continue disputing the remaining negative items.


Any accurate and verifiable information will remain on the credit report. All too often, disputed credit items cannot be verified or in many instances the creditor will not respond to our dispute due to our approach and the negative item is removed.


Can late payments be removed or updated?
Yes, our methods of disputing have proven to update or remove any type of late payment whether it is 30 to 120 days late. 


We see more late payments being removed than any other negative item. Nevertheless, clients must be current before we can proceed to remove or update any accounts.


Can collections be removed?

Yes, we also can recommend a great debt negotiation service that can have your collections and other outstanding debts negotiated in most instances by 50% or less! We do not guaranteed a 50%, however we will strive to save you as much as possible. Nevertheless, our goal is to negotiate the removal from all three credit bureaus once is been paid.

Can repossessions be removed?

Yes, our proven methods of dispute can remove repossessions. Repossessions are difficult to remove, so the percentage of removals would not be as high as other negative accounts. We may need to negotiate the debt amount to be able to remove it from your credit report completely.

Can foreclosures be removed?

Yes, Foreclosures can be removed. Although they are very difficult, we again take every step possible to do so. They must be at least 6 months old in order for us to begin working on them.


Can bankruptcies be removed?
Bankruptcies are public records, and tend to be in most cases the most difficult to remove if they are still within 10 years old.


Our service has been known to remove them with an impressive 30% success rate. Knowing what to do after you have filed for bankruptcy however is more important. 


Our advice is if you have a bankruptcy on your credit report, you still will benefit greatly from our service due to the removal of so many other negative items on your report.


However, there is no way to guarantee the removal of such a serious public record.

Any company or individual who promises to remove your bankruptcy (assuming it is recent and has not legally expired) is not being honest with you. We understand and practice every legal method possible.



I suffered from Identity Theft; can you help me remove accounts that are not mine?


Yes, in fact, we are experts in this field. We have removed thousands of accounts as part of identity theft and the reason why is because we take this matter very seriously as if it was our own problem. We recommend our clients who immediately noticed they suffered from Identity Theft, to make an identity police report right away.


This police report is substantial when it comes to disputing the unknown accounts. We restore unlimited identity theft accounts with bureaus and creditors. We add a fraud alert on your credit report and social security number. We assist clients with additional paperwork from the creditors. We will advocate for you until all accounts have been removed.


If I want faster results do you offered rapid re-score service?


Yes we do! We only do it on clients who have paid their accounts to a 50% and have proof of payment. Also, on clients who pay their collections and we are able to get a deletion letter from the collection agency or creditor within days.

Finally, if the bank or creditor made a mistake, and as a consequence they add a late payment, collection, charge- off or foreclosure in which the outcome affected your fico score. We can remove it or updated with 7- 10 business days.


How many points can a tradeline help my fico score?


Tradelines may increase your fico score from 25- 75 points each. It all depends also on how damage is your credit report is.


The least affected the more point you will see added to your credit report. The more affected, the less points you will see on your credit report. It also influence the amount of tradeline added to your credit report.

How long do the tradelines stay on my credit report?


Revolving Accounts remain on credit reports for 7 years.

They report as brand new accounts with only 30 days of credit. Authorized user accounts remain on your credit for 6 months only. Both types of credit lines Reports with the 3 major Credit Bureaus Written 60 Days 100% Money Back GuaranteeOur tradelines report within 45 to 60 days.


All of our tradeline companies are legitimate, verifiable. Start saving thousands of dollars a month by leaving high-interest mortgages and loans behind.score - now! Dramatically increase your credit score to the 700's in as little as 60 days.


Can student loans be removed?
Late payments on student loans are also very difficult to remove or update because they are government accounts, in which they scrutinized every account to make sure students are keeping up with those loans.


The only way we can help you here is to come to an agreement in a repayment plan and negotiate some late payments for you.


Can inquiries be removed?

Yes, a creditor must provide documentation showing you applied for credit with their company, if they do not provide proper verification then the inquiry is removed.


What items can be removed?

A better question would most likely be "what item cannot be removed". We can remove everything you can imagine, here is a list of some:


  • Late Payments
  • Charge Offs
  • Foreclosures
  • Judgments
  • Repossessions
  • Closed Accounts
  • Bankruptcies
  • Negative Settlements
  • Liens
  • Collections 
  • Identity Theft
  • Identity Mix-up

How much are your services?

Credit in Your hands believes that all customers have different needs when it comes to restoring their credit.


Therefore, once we analyzed a customer’s credit report, it will be quoted according to the service needed. Nevertheless our services are affordable.


We also provide payment plans. We are very flexible. Our main goal is to help you achieved your goal to buy a house, a car, or just being accepted for credit.


How does your guarantee work?


Satisfaction Guaranteed or your money back! 

Our confidence goes beyond other Credit Repair Companies which guaranteed an improvement but not your money! We have it written in our contract.


Keep in mind however, no one can promise or guarantee the removal of any specific item on your reports within a given time frame.


No one. Nevertheless, we will do our best to represent you for 240 days and remove those negative accounts in the shortest time possible.


We believe if we did not improve your fico score at all, we certainly refund your money on any service provided to you in which we did not reached our goal. 


On the other hand, we will always provide you with the "highest level of results possible" We are one of the most aggressive companies out there, we will do everything possible to provide you with the greatest improvement to your credit reports.


We have no opposition on offering a full refund if we were not able to help you. All we ask you is to cooperate through the whole dispute process in order to received your full refund without violating the contract.

Most Questions Asked

What do I need to start fixing my credit right away?


We will need a copy of a recent credit report from the three credit bureaus, Experian, Equifax, and Transunion.

Then, we will analyzed it and tell you exactly how we can help you or not. We believe in honesty. We will not make you waste your time.

That’s why we have other services besides credit repair which we will qualify you and send you to the appropriate service.

We will also need a copy of your Id, driver licensed, or passport, a copy of a social security card and or w2 form, and a copy a most recent utility bill or bank statement with your current address. Finally, we will need a signed contract along a deposit.

I heard once you repair your credit in a few
months the negative accounts come back?


Many people believed that once you repair your credit the negative items go back within a month or two. In fact, that’s true, but only on unpaid collections.


Many people have gone to unscrupulous credit repair companies where they tell them that they will remove everything from their credit report, without paying their collections or public records.


Unfortunately, if in fact they removed unpaid collections or unpaid public records, the will disappeared for a while until the collection agencies or entity that has that negative account noticed is been removed without being paid.


They will immediately put it back onto the credit report.


That’s why Credit in Your hands always recommend clients to allow us to negotiate their collections, charge-offs and or public records so we can removed them permanently once they are paid. If a client is paying for a service, we make sure is a permanent service and not a temporary one.



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